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  • बनाया विधि: आधे मशीन बने और आधा हाथ बंधे
  • घनत्व: 130%
  • रंग का फीता: मध्यम भूरे रंग के
  • आधार सामग्री: फ्रेंच फीता
  • सामग्री: मानव बाल
  • आइटम के प्रकार: विग
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  • बनावट: लहराती
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  • मानव बाल प्रकार: ब्राजील के बाल
  • सामग्री ग्रेड: गैर-रेमी बाल
  • हो सकता है Permed: हाँ
  • फैला लंबाई: 10inches, 12, 14inches, 16inches, 18inches, 20inches, 22inches, के 24inches के

  • पैकेज वजन: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • इकाई प्रकार: टुकड़ा
  • पैकेज का आकार: 30cm x 20cm x 10cm (11.81in x 7.87in x 3.94in)

Daniel Garotinho
Wig fits very nicely. I have a smaller head and the adjustable straps helped. I should have bleached the knots first but I couldn’t wait. Bleached, colored it red and straightened it; It gave a natural straight not bone straight(ima try it with another set of bumpers) Now that it’s processed, I gotta maintain it so it won’t start shedding. Overall, I wouldn’t mind making another purchase. I might do an update later in time
beautiful wigs just like the picture.. very soft. this is my first lace-front experience and I definitely cannot wait to reorder another one and customer service was excellent.
Shelly Boop73
Very soft hair I wish I bought 16" though..Got it for my mother she wanted it longer, Very good seller being buying all my wife here since I bought my first one. Very good quality every time I bought a wig.

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